Welcome to The Weekly Man



This is where The Weekly Man will be serialized starting September 8 (that’s a Sunday) and continue until mid-November. The Weekly Man is about 7 people whose lives are overshadowed by a mystery leading back to their childhoods.

The introductory episode will start on a Sunday and the novel proper the following day. There’s a reason for this, but I can’t tell you what it is…yet.

Each daily episode is just enough to get you through your morning coffee break (as opposed to getting depressed reading newspapers or online news services)¬†with, hopefully, a laugh or two…except when a tear is in order (don’t you hate it when you post bad news on Facebook and you get a dozen Likes?).

If you’re reading this on your phone, you’ll notice that it’s not exactly a smartphone-happy site. So, the story will be mirrored for smartphones on my biffmitchell.com site here. I’ll also be posting a chronological order page for people who’ve just started reading the novel (so that they won’t have to scroll to the end to get to the beginning), but I won’t be starting that until the novel is a week or two in progress.

BTW, The Weekly Man is a sort of family story, but not really…it’s more of a mystery, but not really that either, so maybe it’s humor, but, no, not that. There’s a term that describes stories that appear to be something on the surface, but are actually something else at the core…and this something else is likely to be the most improbable thing you can imagine. It’s called Magical Realism. I guess that’s what you would call The Weekly Man.

BTW,¬† you can download a printable list of the novel’s characters here. They all have similar names, which confuses me…so I made a list. And the list is kind of a window into what you’ll be spending two and a half months reading beginning September 8.