Episode 10: Tuesday – Jackson

Episode 10

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Breakfast was simple: buttered toast, boiled egg, coffee with cream and a kiwi fruit. He saved the kiwi for last and ate it much like he would eat an apple, skin and all. He’d had a hard time with that at first but he’d read somewhere that most of the vitamins were in the skin and now he couldn’t imagine eating one without it, and it saved time having to cut the kiwi up with a knife. He chewed as he gazed out the window at the park across the street.
It looked to be a good start on the day. No distractions. An aromatic breeze of autumn air flowing lightly through the windows. A sunny day. Not that he would be walking around outside but it was nice to feel the heat on his skin and the breeze on his face when he stood by the window staring out at the people in the park doing their daily things. For a moment, the thought of being out there in the busyness of all those people tightened his stomach muscles and gave him a sinking feeling. He turned away from the window and walked over to his workspace. His laptop was already on and ready for his workday. It looked like he’d be starting with lots of email. Roy and Jody were in the list along with a couple of other clients and a few of the people he contracted for website development, graphics and research.
There was an email from Jax MacDonald: Need course to save the world.
Well, will I be helping Jax MacDonald save the world or is this guy just plain crazy? Let’s just see.
He opened the email.

Arial 15

   Well, this guy is just plain crazy.
He clicked Reply.

Arial 16

   That should get him off my back for a while, maybe forever.
He scanned his emails and decided to open one of the feuders: Jody. He wondered if there would be a response to Roy’s attack on BetterThanCollege.

Arial 17


Arial 18

   If credibility attacks are the problem, he’s been going too far for years, Jody.

Arial 19

      I swear these guys are going to drive me nuts. But they pay the bills. Well, here goes.
      He clicked Reply. 

Arial 20

   That should do it. I hope.
He opened the email from Roy.

Arial 21

   He spent an hour reading through emails from clients and contractors. With the exception of the crazy guy and Jody, everything was going smoothly. Clients were getting their feedback in on time and contractors were meeting their deadlines with remarkable graphics and brilliant programming. All was good and he had time to do some web browsing.
An email notification popped up. It was from Jody.

Arial 22

   Yes, you bastard, you’ve spent thousands of dollars each year…and gotten it back in spades.
   Jackson didn’t like the implied threat but it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened; he’d dropped a few clients who’d became more of a problem to deal with than worth the revenue stream. His response was short and terse.

Arial 23

   He started to think that life might be a lot easier if he didn’t have both Roy and Jody as clients and Jody was looking like the more likely candidate to eliminate. In any event, he wasn’t going to mar his reputation by taking sides against one of his clients no matter how much either was right or wrong.
   Wait till the face-to-face, Jackson. See what happens.

(The Weekly Man’s first fake interview.)

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