How To Be A Writer: And Why You Probably Shouldn’t Be

Did you ever think: Someday, I’m going to write a novel and it’s going to be the greatest thing ever written and I’m going to be on the bestseller list on every bestseller list in the world and they’re going to make a movie out of it and I’m going to appear on talk shows and have millions of adoring fans.

This is normal.

Unfortunately, someday never comes. And we die…our novels unwritten, no bestseller, no talk shows, no movie, no adoring fans.

But you know…there’s another side to this totally sucks situation.

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Just In Time for Christmas!

Welcome to the World You Live In

It’s a mess. It’s diseased, polluted, over-populated and too close to the sun. But it’s all we have and we’re losing it fast, so we may as well have a good laugh before the sun reaches out and reclaims us.

In Blowing Up, Biff Mitchell shakes the foundations of a world gone bad with outrageous dollops of inappropriate humor. Nothing is sacred, nothing is spared. Nothing is safe in a world accumulating too much ammunition for too few targets.

So welcome to Mitchell’s world of ghosts who have to get the last word, ball-busting muses who torture for the hell of it, a woman who sheds rabbits from her eyes instead of tears, an office of petty-minded workers fused together in a nuclear holocaust and a world where you write grammatically correct essays or starve to death.

But there will be laughter.

This Christmas, give the gift of laughter in spite of the world.

From Double Dragon Publishing (an imprint of Fiction4All)