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The Weekly Man (ISBN: 978-0-9867903-4-8) is a free daily serialized novel designed to fit into your daily coffee break, including Saturday and Sunday.

I completed the serialization in mid-November 2019 and all the episodes are still here and on my website . I’ll be releasing a print version this summer for those who don’t want to scroll up and down two and a half months worth of blogs or open 72 separate PDFs. It won’t be free but itwon’t be expensive…and it’ll be a lot easier to read. Also, I’ve seriously re-written, revised, re-considered, re-worked and re-composed The Weekly Man after seeing just how badly written it was day-after-day. It’s still readable. The story’s still there.

The Weekly Man is copyrighted, but feel free to share, quote and warn your friends. If you quote, I’d appreciate if you would say, “Biff said that.” Your listeners will be confused, but hey, isn’t it kind of cool to confuse people, especially when they barge into your coffee break with stupid questions like, “What’s that your reading?” I mean, they don’t even pronounce “you’re” properly. Quote whatever you’re reading from the blog and say, “Biff said that.” And maybe they’ll go away.

Happy reading.


BTW, the novel has 7 main characters and their names are very similar. But, before you send me a death threat, I’ve put together a printable list of the characters with just enough info about them to keep you oriented. Click here to download it.

All materials published on this site are copyright of Biff Mitchell (www.biffmitchell.com)